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We have presented some list of likely questions and answers. If you can’t find answers to your questions, then write us or send us a mail via the contact form.

Can i know the distance and route of my shipment?

Cadis has developed a route planner that helps customer to calculate distance of route(taken by thier consignment).

How safe is my Cargo?

Cadis Securities & Logistics Pty LTD., has been around for a long time, providing top-notch cargo related services. We have offices in countries around the world to serve you better.

What happens when my consignment(cargo) arrives, and i don’t have storage for them?

Cadis has storage facilities for cargo shipped in by our client. These storage facilities are highly affordable with a flexible payment plan.

What other services does the firm provide?

We provide Storage of cargoes, Trucking , Logistics, Door-to-Door delivery and Ground transport.

When and how do i know when my Cargo arrives it’s destination?

We have a auto-tracking system that generates report on the state and locationof your cargo(shipment) at any point in time.

Who monitors my shipment to ensure there’s no problem arising from it’s movement?

Every consignment is usually handled and monitored by our in-house agent who ensures that your cargo reaches it’s destination(as it leaves it source).